CED Trips

2017 CED Trip Dates - TBD
Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) invites you to attend a unique and exciting event in the Baffin region.

Our Community Economic Development (CED) Trade, Service and Career Fairs provide an affordable and effective way for businesses, government agencies and organizations to visit the region’s communities to meet their current and potential clients, customers and/ or employees.
The Goal of CED Trips

  • To create a major community event that will visit each Baffin community every two years and will attract the entire community;
  • To create a cost-effective way for organizations to deliver their message at the community level in an event that brings the community to them;
  • To provide an opportunity for Baffin businesses to explore and expand their markets;
  • To give youth and adults a chance to explore future possibilities through career and business opportunities; and
  • To bring together as many businesses and organizations as possible to promote and support community economic development.

The Purpose of the CED Trade, Service and Career Fair

  • Trade: help to bring suppliers of products and services to communities to both sell their products or services and/or look for potential suppliers and distributors
  • Service: to bring information about services, programs, assistance and more to the communities
  • Career: to bring career information and opportunities to the communities for both youth and adults 

The Benefits to your organization

  • A high-profile event: in most communities it is the largest event of the year with full community participation
  • Cost-effective: fast in and out. Each trip is a day trip (unless we are doing two back to back), which means less travel, less staff down time and less expense
  • You can make presentations, visit clients and promote your organization at the same event
  • Improve your public relations
  • Increase your profile and presence in the communities
  • Increase your name and brand recognition through displays and giveaways
  • Help fulfill your mandate to regularly visit communities