Northern Lights 2014 Business & Cultural Showcase

A joint venture of the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) and the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce (LNCC), this event was established to create stronger business partnerships between northern and southern Canadian regions and organizations, while also promoting the abundant talent of Canada's arts and culture industry.

Deemed as Canada's premiere business and cultural showcase of the eastern Arctic and north (Labrador, Nunatsiavut, Nunavut and Nunavik), Northern Lights was first held in Ottawa in January of 2008. After an incredibly successful inaugural event, the Northern Lights Committee is pleased to announce its return to Ottawa.

"After four years, we're glad to announce that we will be returning to Ottawa once again for the Northern Lights show," says Sterling Peyton, president of the LNCC and co-chair of Northern Lights. "Ottawa is a vibrant and culturally-rich city with strong business and cultural ties to Canada's north. The passion and talent in the Arctic and North is incredible. We're thrilled to bring these regions together again."

The four-day event is expected to attract over 140 exhibitors and more than 1,000 delegates while it aims to:

  • Assist in the creation of stronger relationships between northern regions;
  • Promote respective regions to southern markets and business concerns;
  • Profile the economic development opportunities available in the Eastern Arctic and north; and
  • Promote Eastern Arctic and north tourism, culture and the arts to both the south and other northern regions.

"Each year, Northern Lights strives to not only highlight the unique arts scene in the north, but also the promising business developments taking place," adds Chris West, president of the BRCC and co-chair of Northern Lights.  "There are countless opportunities for strategic partnership within these regions and the rest of Canada, and this is the ideal venue to make it happen."

Northern Lights is organized jointly by the Baffin Regional and Labrador North Chambers of Commerce, along with a wide range of partners from across the country.  The event website can be found  The full site will be launched on April 15th and updates will be posted regularly.
Event Date: 
Wednesday, January 29, 2014 to Saturday, February 1, 2014
Ottawa, Ontario