Nunavut Business Achievement Awards

For over 24 years, the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce (BRCC) has been presenting the annual business achievement awards to worthy recipients across the territory. Since 1999, those awards have been called the Nunavut Business Achievement Awards.


Awards are handed out for the following categories:

Qikiqtani Business Achievement Awards.

These awards highlight businesses and businesspersons from across the Qikiqtani region who contribute to their community.

Business of the Year

A business that has a positive impact during the year who demonstrates leadership, and is actively involved in their community.

Businessperson of the Year

An individual who achieved something out of the ordinary during the year and who has a positive influence in the business community.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes the long-term commitment of an individual to the business community.

Special Achievement Award

Awarded to an individual, business, or group who has displayed extraordinary success or innovation in their economic development activities.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Awarded to a businessperson who contributes to make a positive impact for their community.


Recipients holding awards2020 - 2021 Qikiqtani Business Achievement Award
BRCC, Executive Director, Chris West, Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Timmun Alariaq accepting on behalf of Huit Huit Tours, Tommy Manning, Volunteer of the Year award winner, Mike Wilkins, Special Achievement Award winner, Hitmakerz, Thor Simonsen, Businessperson of the year, Clarence Synard, Business of the year award, Al’s BnB, Allan Mullin and Al’s BnB employees, Lester Taqqaugaq and Samuel Illupalik.


Please contact the Baffin Regional Chamber of Commerce at (867) 979-4654 if you require any additional information.


Past recipients

Qikiqtani Business Achievement Award
2020-2021 Lifetime Achievement Award winner Timmun Alariaq, Huit Huit Tours
Volunteer of the Year Award winner Mike Wilkins, RL Hanson Construction Ltd
Special Achievement Award winner Thor Simonsen, Hitmakerz
Businessperson of the Year Clarence Synard, NCC Investment Group Inc.
Business of the Year Award Al's BnB, Allan Mullin and Al's BnB employees, Lester Taqqaugaq and Samuel Illupalik
2019 Business of the Year Rankin Inlet Legion
Business Person of the Year Cody Dean, Canadrill
Lifetime Achievement John Matthews, Atiilu Real Estate & Property Management
Special Achievement Rannva Simonsen, Rannva Designs
Volunteer of the Year Steve Sullivan, Frobisher Inn
2018 Business Black Heart Café
Business Persons Mona Godin & Time Bayne
Lifetime Achievement Mark Bray
Volunteer Clarence Synard
2017 Business Upper Base Garage & Caribou Cabs
Business Person Glenn Cousins, Kakivak Association
Lifetime Achievement Stuart Kennedy
Special Achievement WASCO
2016 Business Marketplace
Business Person Harry Earle, Arctic Fishery Alliance
Lifetime Achievement Ken Toner, Atuqtuarvik Corporation
Special Achievement Kenn Borek
2015 Business Victoria's Arctic Fashions
Business Person Jim Wilson
Lifetime Achievement Steve Birrell
Special Achievement Shawn Lester
2014 Business NCC Development
Business Person Greg Cayen
Lifetime Paul Murphy & Helen Klengenberg
Special Achievement Mike Webster
Special Recognition Michael Hart
2013 Business Nunageek Solutions
Business Person Sheatie Tagak
Lifetime John Jacobsen
Special Achievement Frobisher Bay Touchdown Services
2012 Business Nunastar
Business Person Dr. Leia Cunningham
Lifetime Frank May
Special Achievement Nunavut Tourism
Special Recognition Jim Currie
2010 Business Western Eskimo Co-Op
Business Person Peter Tapitai
Lifetime Robert Long
2009 Business Boothia Ventures
Business Person Wilf Wilcox
Lifetime Qikiqtaaluk Corporation
Special Achievement Ray Lovell
Special Recognition Mike Hine
2008 Business Arqvaartuq Services Ltd
Business Person John Hickes
Lifetime Bob Hanson
Special Achievement ArtCirq
2007 Business Grise Fiord Co-Op
Business Person Kenn Harper
Lifetime Bryan Pearson
Special Achievement Atuqtuarvik
2006 Business Qiniq
Business Person Charlie Lyall
Lifetime Ray Mercer and Peter Tatty
Special Achievement Bob Long and Elu Lodge
2005 Business Nunavut Youth Consulting
Business Person Pitseola Shoo
Lifetime Dave and Cecilia Fox
Special Achievement Francophone Society
2004 Business Frobisher Inn
Business Person Matty McNair and Paul Landry
Lifetime Terry Ryan
2003 Business Person Jimi Onalik
Lifetime Jacques Belleau
Special Achievement Bob Long and Elu Lodge
2002 Business Isuma Productions
Business Person Zach Kunuk
Lifetime George D'Aoust
2001 Business Baffin Flower Studio
Business Person Meeka Mike
2000 Business Innirvik Support Services
Business Person Pauloosie Kooneeliusie,
Pikaluyak Outfitting
Lifetime Lyn Woodhouse
1999 Business Arctic Ventures
Business Nunanet Communications
Business Person Robert Hanson,
RL Hanson Construction
Lifetime Gordon Rennie
1998 Business Toonoonik Sahoonik Co-op
Business Person Jerry Ell, Qikiqtaaluk Corporation
Lifetime Fred Coman
1996 Business Igloolik Isuma Productions
Business Person Douglas Lem
Lifetime Tower Arctic
Special Achievement Joavie Alivaktuk
Steven Roberts
Jerry Ell
Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Iqaluit, Nunavut